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Automation Delivery Services for UiPath

Automation Delivery Services for UiPath

by Accelirate, Inc.



Full-Service RPA and Intelligent Automation Teams

Accelirate is a UiPath Diamond Partner along with the UiPath Services Network prestigious accreditation. Our teams consists of experienced RPA and AI developers and Analysts who deliver automations rapidly by utilizing our award winning rapid delivery methodology. Rather than traditional staffing, our delivery model is to engage with a team that can support the full lifecycle of automation delivery.

Our pod-based automation delivery approach ensures all your bases are  covered, with each dedicated RPA emerging technology delivery pod including business analysts, RPA engineers, and RPA leads. This coordinated, cross-functional approach allows for quick and cohesive delivery of skilled process definition and solution design documentation. This helps our clients see rapid results from their  automation initiatives. Supported by our robust Team ATLAS - a specialized group of automation experts within Accelirate that provide the necessary support to client-assigned teams. This ensures any specialized expertise is readily available at hand when the need arises. Each  automation project pod has the ability to be customized to meet the client’s automation needs.

Our Delivery Pods are backed by our ATLAS Team and provide the full spectrum of services needed for automation delivery. Process Definition, Solution Design, Development, Testing, UAT, Deployment and Hypercare are all handled by our team. Our client dedicated teams are supported by a team of in house experts (Team Atlas) and can scale quickly and efficiently with the correct specialized roles fit to build and deploy any smart business process automation solution.

Structured Deliverables

Our RPA programs deliver a development and production-ready environment, as well as in-production processes  that show quick time to value. All engagements produce exhaustive  ocumentation including Process Definition and Solution Design  Documentation, UAT Test plans, Support Run-books and Deployment guides. Clients can also train their internal resources by having them work directly with Accelirate experts. 

Once process candidates have been evaluated and selected, implementation begins and the groundwork for a broader implementation plan is put into place. Along with successful automation deployment, clients aiming to scale work with our team can institutionalize their Center of Excellence and implement a robust operating model. Accelirate also provides process discovery engagements, citizen developer training  programs, and process mining services to support every stage of the client’s broader transformation roadmap.

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

We are experts in all aspects of the UiPath Platform including Automation Suite, Document Understanding, Action Center, AI Center, Test Suite, Process and Task Mining.


Accelirate, Inc.

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