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VMware - Custom Workflow Analyzer Rules

Bronze Certified

Custom Activity

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VMware - Custom Workflow Analyzer Rules

Bronze Certified

Custom Activity

1 reviews



Set of workflow analyzer rules, to ensure project code adheres to defined coding standards.



Six custom workflow analyzer rules are available with this DLL, which are namely listed below:
  • Kill Process Activity Not Recommended: Inspects the project to check 'Kill Process' activity usage.
Recommendation: Using 'Kill Process' activity kills the specified process, for all users logged on that machine. Use a custom code to kill the process, only for bot's logged on user.
  • Repeated Activity Display Name: Identifies activities having repeated display names in a workflow, excluding 'Log Message', 'Sequence' and 'Write Line' activities.
Recommendation: Add a descriptive title to the activity, to understand what it does.
  • Hotkey Without Selector: Inspects project to check usage of 'Send Hotkey' activity either without a selector or not included inside a container like 'Attach Browser' / 'Attach Window'.
Recommendation: Specify a selector when using Send Hotkey activity or include it inside a container.
  • All Wildcard Attribute: Inspects the attributes of selector to check, if one or more attributes have value equal to '*' / '?'. All wild card for an attribute in selector doesn’t validate anything.
Recommendation: Remove the attribute whose value is all wildcard as it is not validating anything.
  • Missing Informative Screenshot: Verifies the availability of screenshot files in '.screenshots' folder of root path of project.
Recommendation: Attach informative screenshot to specified activities.
  • Selector Attribute Not Recommended: Inspects the attributes of selector to identify usage to 'parentclass', 'class', 'classname', 'parentid' in it. Using the attributes specified in selector, makes it less stable over a longer run.
Recommendation: Consider using attributes other than (parentclass, class, classname, parentid) in the selector, to make it more stable/reliable.

Steps to integrate the DLL with UiPath Studio:

1. For Community edition of UiPath, copy the DLL to 'C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-Version of UiPath\Rules\' and restart Studio.

2. For Enterprise edition of UiPath, copy the DLL to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Rules\' and restart Studio.
Post copying the DLL, the six custom rules specified above would be reflecting in 'Studio -->> Analyze File -->> Workflow Analyzer Settings' window.


Published: 10 Feb 2021 | Updated: 10 Feb 2021

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Code Language

Visual Basic


.NET Framework


Code Check
Code review
Custom Rules
Workflow Analyser
workflow analyzer


UiPath Studio 2019.10 or higher



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