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BOTShelf.AI enables developers, enterprises and PA to enter and leverage the hyper-automation revolution through Cre[AI]tor©, our BOT-as-a-Service Platform. Cre[AI]tor© allows fast prototyping, auto-training and Machine Learning/Deep Learning models to automate complex RPA tasks that require cognitive capabilities. Who we serve Our main customers are fully digital companies, companies that have embarked in the digitalization journey considering hyper-automation as the sparkle for their leap, or technology/IT providers that require a fast way forward when delivering. Nexi, Iberdrola, Namirial are just some of the brands that have chosen our solutions. What we believe in At BOTShelf.AI we are committed to create, explore and oversee the AI space of the HyperAutomation realm. It is an unchartered territory which is revolutionizing the way industries and businesses look at both Productivity and Ethics. We are leading the way to provide our public and private enterprise customers with the right tools and approaches to boost their business and actions while guaranteeing no one is left behind in tomorrow’s digital society. In order to fulfill this goal we strictly attain to the following principles: - We care about social impacts related to Automation AI - We enforce privacy and data security - We pursue artificial and human intelligence collaboration - We guarantee the reliability and integrity of data sets - We mitigate the negative impacts of Bias - We explore and expose the highest grade of interpretability of our algorithms - We promote high standards of scientific excellence Turn the automation AI ON!

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