About Us

PDF.co provides API for PDF, Barcode and Data Extraction.

Some of the features provided by PDF.co are :

  • API for PDF, Barcodes and Data Extraction
  • Extract text and unstructured data from PDF like reports, invoices, statements.
  • Merge, split PDF, re-arrange and delete pages
  • Generate PDF from HTML, links, pdf templates;
  • Add text and images to PDF and PDF forms.
  • Read barcodes from documents.
  • Works in Zapier, Integromat, UiPath and many other platforms
  • Both REST Web API and on-premise versions are available
  • SSL for data transfer and encryption at rest by, full API logs and other security features
To get more information about PDF.co visit https://pdf.co. You can get your free API Key at https://app.pdf.co/signup.

PDF.co is initiative by ByteScout, for more info visit https://bytescout.com.

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