PDF.co Activities

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PDF.co Activities

Supported by Publisher

Gold Certified

Custom Activity

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UiPath Activities from PDF.co. Easily edit PDF documents, extract text and unstructured data from PDF with OCR support. Split and merge PDF pages, convert to formats such as Text, CSV, JSON or XML.


All Activities are powered by PDF.co. All API runs on the secure Amazon AWS infrastructure. All data transfers are encrypted by SSL/TLS encryption. Inbuilt OCR support.

1. PDF.co Scope
Handles the authentication to the PDF.co services.

2. PDF to Text
Convert PDF to text within seconds. Uses strong PDF OCR to extract text from scanned PDF.

3. PDF to JSON
Convert PDF to JSON. The text is grouped into a virtual table. PDF to JSON generates JSON with each text group as a separate value.

4. PDF to CSV
Convert PDF to CSV file. PDF to CSV converter works smoothly with large files.

5. PDF to XML
Convert PDF to XML with smooth and accurate data processing and fast PDF to XML conversion.

6. PDF Split
Split PDF into multiple files. Easily and smoothly get a specific page with intelligent PDF Split Activity.

7. PDF Merger
Merge PDF documents in any amount to one PDF, fast and easily, with smooth and accurate PDF merger.

8. PDF Filler
Adds text, images to existing PDF file. You can fill out existing PDF forms and documents and create new fillable PDF forms with this action.

9. PDF.co File Upload
Upload temporary PDF files into PDF.co. Temporary files are stored for 1 hour by default and then auto removed.

10. PDF.co API Call
Directly consume PDF.co API for customized solutions. Choose from hundreds of PDF.co APIs.

For more information visit https://pdf.co .


Published: 2020-10-28T11:14:04+00:00 | Updated: 2020-12-18T10:03:39+00:00


Apache 2.0

Code Language

C#, Visual Basic



Compatible with all previous and current UiPath Studio versions


PDF.co API Newtonsoft.Json


Email: pdfco@bytescout.zendesk.com

Mon-Fri 6AM to 4PM CET; Response time: 2 days; Resolution time: 10 days.