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Simplifai is an AI automation company, creating digital employees that allow any business to leverage the power of AI in their everyday processes and workflows. We envision to make work more fun and to release the full potential of human employees through the smart application of artificial intelligence and automation technology. We enable organizations with hyper-automation through innovation and simplicity. Our disruptive, hyper-automation solutions allow customers to automate work processes where free-text, natural language emails, documents, or chat are the information carriers. Businesses using our Digital Employees, experience business operation at a whole new level in terms of quality, availability, and scalability. Our Email Dispatcher Digital Employee can automate the handling of up to 90%* of the inquiries in an average customer service centre.

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Emailbot for Email and Free-text Automation


Enhance your RPA solution with free-text and an array of email capabilities by connecting to the AI-powered Emailbot.


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Documentbot for AI-Powered Document Automation


Enable automated document processing in your business with the AI-powered Documentbot from Simplifai


Monitoring New Created Files from a Folder


File watcher creates the Excel queue for all incoming file paths in a folder. The queue of file paths can be used by any UiPath robot to perform any kind of operation on those files.


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