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Emailbot for Email and Free-text Automation

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Emailbot for Email and Free-text Automation

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Enhance your RPA solution with free-text and an array of email capabilities by connecting to the AI-powered Emailbot.



Simplifai's Emailbot is not only a language engine that can analyze structured and unstructured texts but also is a complete solution to help you categorize and extract key info from emails with learning capabilities.
Our Emailbot primarily handles emails; however, with the help of RPA, any type of free-text can be converted to Emails easily.

Key Features of Our Emailbot Classify and Extract the Information – Sort email data quickly through emailbot for efficient processing. Respond to Customers in Short Time – The Emailbot can respond instantly within a fraction of a second! Integrate with Third-Party Systems – Connect the emailbot with other external systems for smooth data transfer. Forward Emails to Respective Stakeholders for Approval – Save time by automating your email responses through the Emailbot. Connect to RPA Bot to Perform Actions – Bridge the gap with RPA bot between incoming emails and subsequent activities.

How Does it Work?
  • There are several ways to make use of Simplifai’s Emailbot with RPA robot: Use RPA robot to monitor your target mailbox, which can be your ‘Inbox’, or a shared mailbox on the network. Sometimes, you already have an in-built RPA robot to filter your emails. RPA robot can send the relevant emails to Emailbot via API.
  • Use RPA robot to extract free text from web pages or desktop applications, and package them into an Email format, then send this “Email” to Emailbot via API.
  • Use RPA robot to compose a risk-free, pure text JSON document with information from your mailboxes or applications, and send it to Emailbot via API.
Once emails are received by Emailbot, it will start the pre-trained analysis process, such as categorizing emails into different domains and extracting certain information. (You can find more details on how to train your Emailbot on our website or schedule a demo from our Global Sales Team.)
Within a split second, the analyzed results are ready!
These results are sent back to the RPA bot in the API response, and to clients’ back-office systems such as CRM and/or invoice programs. This information can also be sent to different desktop applications based on the requirement for direct viewing.

Target Businesses and Users Businesses that need large-scale email categorization Process-oriented teams that require regular interpretation of the structured and unstructured text RPA users who make use of RPA bots for process automation


Published: 22 Feb 2021 | Updated: 02 Apr 2021

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.NET Framework




Our solution focuses on the automation of tasks and inquiries and has been developed specifically for integrations with other systems. 1* For systems both with and without API. 2* A comprehensive solution that includes full support and assistance. For systems in which integrations are not desirable, we will be able to utilize RPA technology to give the Emailbot access and the ability to perform tasks. Examples: CRM and case management systems





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