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I finished my schooling in 2008. Straight after, I started my degree in BSc(Hons) in computing: Specialized Software Engineering and got graduated in year 2011. Right after the graduation I started my professional career as a Data analyst. Since then I was working in the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence industry for 8 years. I'm currently working at Boundaryless Automation as a Executive Lead for Robotic Process Automation'. My Journey With RPA At the beginning of this year, our company informed that they are looking to get a partnership with UiPath. Hence they asked us to complete the certification before 13th February. Most of us started learning UiPath through the academy. However, by the time we got to level 2 and 3, many had actually given up. The main reason is, most of them are new to RPA and its not their main field of expertise. However, I took the challenge and kept on learning and getting up the ladder step by step. Somehow I finished all the training courses in academy before the deadline and finally sat for the final practical exam on 12th evening and I got certified on 12th evening. I was the only hope in getting the partnership. So, because of my achievement, they were able to get the partnership with UiPath on 13th morning on an event that took place here in Sri Lanka. I got a great appreciation from the management and for the great effort while everyone else was stepping back That’s the start of my journey in RPA. Since then, I have being an active member in the forum helping our great community in every possible way I could. I'm also a mentor for few colleagues I met through the forum and I also help others to learn RPA. I'm also a contributor in Connect and GO! platforms. The components I have published are to address common and hard issues that are faced by our own community members. I have also conducted speeches and demonstrations on RPA and UiPath in different local universities encouraging the young to learn RPA specially on UiPath Apart from the community engagements, I also got the opportunity to lead a newly formed RPA team in our company. In my team, I act as a RPA Solution Architect for the projects we do for internal and client automation requirements. I’m also involved in pre-sales engagements. Achievements Three community awards for most active user (19.1, 19.2, 19.3) UiPath 100c challenge winner under UiPath Choice category '' target='_blank'>Link Note: Though I work for a company, this is my personal profile. The contributions I have made in Community, Connect and Go! platforms are my own efforts to help our great UiPath community


Colombo, Sri Lanka

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May 19, 2024


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