Code Quality Analyzer (CQA)

Code Quality Analyzer (CQA)

by ISG Automation



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The CQA is the world's only SaaS RPA Code Quality Analyzer with over 30 customizable rules, an universal search across your entire code base, covering UiPath.



The Code Quality Analyzer is your one stop shop for your code reviews, ensuring you adhere to best practice development standards in UiPath.

The CQA is:

- A no code way to assess RPA automation code and ensure that your Automation CoE and your third-parties are building in a compliant manner.

- Create customer rules to check for risks around HIPPA, PPI, PHI, DPA and other critical compliance metrics.

- Highlight risks, issues and other red flags in the code that could lead to future compliance challenges.

- See every system, screen and object that has been automated across all your Automations.

- A simple to use interface, even for the non-technical users.

- Simple but powerful rules engine allows infinite customizations.

- Check and prove adherence to coding best practices and internal coding standards.

- Identify risk/security considerations in your code before they are raised by an audit/an in-production issue.

- Search the entire automation base with ease (even when you use multiple automation platforms).

- See every system, screen and object you have automated on, improving your ability to delivery change/break fix in future.



- Business wide view of all Automations including 3rd parties & citizens.

- Single pain of glass to see all files in a given automation all on one scrollable window.

- Object catalogue of all systems, screens & objects used across all automations via a full code search, for all task/automation files.

- Over 30 fully customizable rules, including nesting and an ability to make your own.

- Analytics Dashboard with key metrics of code issues found per automation/user.

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November 29, 2022


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