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End-to-end platform for building conversational business applications and virtual assistants specialized in completing business tasks.



DRUID is an end-to-end platform for building conversational business applications and virtual assistants specialized in completing business tasks. DRUID AI-driven virtual assistants know how to create or sign a contract, ask the right questions, integrate with existing or legacy applications, and can deliver an end-to-end conversational experience to complete a business task. This is light years away from regular chatbots that just ask simple questions or target a specific use case.

DRUID brings together conversational AI, RPA technologies, and complex automations, to connect to any existing or legacy enterprise systems and complete business tasks. With DRUID you gain access to a new way of delivering end-to-end business applications, not only conversational extensions to existing applications.

For example, a traditional implementation of a customer care solution or a customer onboarding application can take up to one year. With DRUID technology, you can deliver this in just weeks using conversational AI and AI technologies automation.

DRUID is technology and industry agnostic. It delivers a unified low-code/no-code platform that empowers business users without extensive IT knowledge to build and deploy comprehensive automations and conversational business applications to any enterprise process.

Moreover, you don’t have to start from scratch. Hundreds of prebuild configurations are already at your disposal in our extensive solutions library. With an upsurge in the skill sets and dozens of ready-made solutions, DRUID is our game-changing response to any modern organization that wants to challenge the new normal.

Welcome to the new era of Conversational Business Applications!



• Conversationally trigger both attended and unattended UiPath robots
• Async integration with the entire UiPath hyper-automation stack
• Proprietary NLU technology with business entities data model and native support for 50+ languages
• Omnichannel and open AI Hub architecture armored with pre-built connectors (REST, SOAP, and API)
• Over 500 ready-made conversations for any industry, process, or business role
• Enterprise-grade privacy & security with the same code for any deployment type

Additional Information

Additional Information


Custom activity library dependencies: Visual Studio 2017, Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.1., Newtonsoft.Json v.11.0.2 RestSharp v106.3.1 MSTest.TestAdapter v1.3.2 MSTest.TestFramework v1.3.2. DRUIDPlatform dependencies: To have an end-to-end integration flow between an RPA process and the DRUID Platform, several configurations are needed on our side. These configurations include: setting up the tenant, creating the conversation infrastructure such as the bot, conversational flows, integrations with existing business apps, etc.



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May 23, 2022


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Phone: +40310699256

Email: support@druidai.com

Link: https://www.druidai.com/druid-chatbot-platform-about-us?hsLang=en

We have the following Services covered: Availability (uptime) of the DRUID Platform • Planned maintenance downtime • Monitored support tickets for incidents of the implemented solution (including the developments and customization) • Remote assistance using Remote Desktop and a Virtual Private Network where available Communication e-mail: support@druidai.com We will respond to service-related incidents and/or requests submitted by the Customer within the following time frames: Incident type: P1

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