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BalaReva Easy PowerPoint Activities

BalaReva Easy PowerPoint Activities

by Balamurugan Shanmugasundaram





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This package contains various PowerPoint activities that will help automate your work. The full list of activities is available below:
  • Execute Macro - executes the macro-enabled commands from your PowerPoint.
The following activities work only in PowerPoint Application Scope:
  • Slide Transitions - set the PowerPoint application transition to slide and timing options.
  • Comments Add - add comments with the author and position option to slides.
  • Comments Read - marks comments and replies as read.
  • Comments Delete - deletes comments from a slide.
  • Edit Text - edits the text in the slide based on the index.
  • Image Extractor - extracts all the images from a slide.
  • Chart Shape Count - gets the total count of chart shapes available in a slide.
  • Image Shape Count - gets the total count of images available in a slide
  • Text Shape Count - gets the total count of the text frames available in a slide.
  • Chart Image Extract - extracts the chart as an image.
  • ChartCopyToClipboard - copies the chart into the clipboard.
  • ChartDelete - deletes the chart.
  • ChartFormat - formats the chart with left, top, width, height.
  • PasteClipboard - pastes the clipboard data inside the slide.
  • SaveAs - saves as (PDF, Presentation, etc..).
  • Find - finds the text and gets the result as datatable with slide index, text shape index, and the content.
  • Find and Replace - finds the text and replaces it all.
  • Read Slide / PowerPoint - reads all the text from slides.
  • Readdatatable - reads all tables from slides.
  • SlideCount - returns slide count.
  • Merge
  • NewSlide
  • DeleteSlide
  • FindReplace
  • InsertPicture
  • InsertTextBox
  • RefreshData
  • SlideCopy
  • SlidePaste
  • SlideCount
  • UpdateLinks
  • Delete Slide
  • Export Pdf
  • Print
  • Remove Document Information
  • Slide Copy
  • Slide Paste
  • DataTransformer
Table Area
  • Add Table
  • Append Table
  • Clear Table
  • Delete Column
  • Delete Row
  • Delete Table
  • Edit Table
  • Export Table Excel
  • Extract Tables
  • Font Option
  • Get Row Item
  • Import Data FromExcel
  • Resize Table
  • Style Option
  • Table CopyTo Clipboard



This package's activities are meant to allow a quick read of the text from slides and execute the macros in a simple way.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Code Language

C#, Visual Basic


Windows (.Net 5.0 or higher)


Balamurugan Shanmugasundaram

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May 8, 2023

Works with

Studio: 21.10 - 22.10+


Silver Certified


Microsoft PowerPoint


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