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Humley - Employee OnBoarding Assistant

Bronze Certified


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Humley - Employee OnBoarding Assistant

Bronze Certified


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Streamline and deliver efficiencies to your HR Team through automating the process of onboarding new employees in an easy-to-use Conversational Assistant.



Humley’s Onboarding Assistant is simple to use and quick to deploy, with no coding or technical knowledge required. This means organisations can start delivering amazing employee experience and efficiencies to their processes within hours not weeks.

The Assistant enables organisations to:
· Capture new employee information through guiding users through new starter checklist questions within the conversational interface.
· Provide multiple options, guidance, and encouragement to users whilst within the conversation flow.
· API Integration with UiPath bots to upload and input gathered data into forms.
· Secure upload of completed forms to systems and files.
· Triggers automated confirmation emails to employee and managers.

Humley’s Employee Onboarding Assistant is a ready to deploy multi-channel conversational interface which enables HR teams to streamline the process of capturing new employee information. The Assistant eliminates the need for multiple paper forms, emails and data entry for employees and HR Teams - saving time, improving compliance and employee experiences.

The Conversational AI Assistant can be deployed across multiple communication channels and will guide new employees through a series of questions to gather information relating to the fields in your new starter forms. These questions include name, address, financial and payroll information, eligibility to work, etc.

During the conversation, the assistant will also provide encouragement messages to the new employee to ensure the process is completed, provide additional information for clarity and direct employees down personalised conversational flows based on responses to ensure the correct information is gathered.

This information is then seamlessly delivered to UiPath bots through the prebuilt API integrations and updated within the form. The completed form is then uploaded to the internal business system and an automated confirmation email is sent to the employee and relevant manager.

All employee information gathered by the Assistant is stored securely and is compliant with GDPR and data protection regulations.


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Humley Studio works with the latest version of the UiPath APIs.


A MailJet account with credentials • Adobe Reader V20.013 • Windows 10 Virtual Machine (Recommend: Standard D2s v3 (2 vcpus, 8 GiB memory)