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Intelligent Automation Consulting Services

Intelligent Automation Consulting Services

by rapidMATION



Here at rapidMATION we are about all things Intelligent Automation. 

We help companies understand, digitise, and automate their business processes.

rapidMATION offers technology implementation consulting services around the core technologies that we work with such as UiPath

We may combine one, or more, of these intelligent automation tools to deliver beyond expectations for our customers. 

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Work with gurus who are 100% dedicated to your success.

We know our stuff when it comes to automation. We’re experts in technology and its implementation. For instance, we’ve helped hundreds of clients implement the Nintex/K2 platform and we’re one of the few companies globally to hold the esteemed UiPath Services Network accreditation.

But even more important than our incredible technical knowledge is our intense desire to help you apply automation in ways that’ll benefit your business long term as you face a changeable future. We love to see our solutions make an impact: it’s the reason we have a customer satisfaction score of 100%. 

About rapidMATION

rapidMATION is a UiPath Diamond Partner.

rapidMATION was the first UiPath Services Network (USN) Partner in Australia and New Zealand.

Becoming a USN Partner is certainly no mean feat which requires many UiPath Diplomas and Certifications, exemplar UiPath technical skills, multiple successful UiPath project deliveries and then rigorous testing and validation of these skills by UiPath’s elite technical team.

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

The rapidMATION team has excellent skills in all things UiPath, including:

  • Development of processes using UiPath Studio and adhering to all UiPath Best Practices including the REFramework.
  • Deployment of processes to UiPath Orchestrator.
  • Setup and configuration of UiPath Orchestrator.
  • Setup and configuration of both UiPath Unattended and Attended software bots.
  • ...and much more.



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December 9, 2022


Service Provider Verified


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Phone: +61 280 033 582



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