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Humley – IT HelpDesk Assistant

Humley – IT HelpDesk Assistant

by Humley Limited




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The Assistant Enables Users & IT Teams to:
  • Create and log a ticket/incident
  • Check the status of tickets/incidents
  • Raise a service request
  • Check the status of a service request
  • Request software access & create an SFDC request
  • Reset passwords
  • Create virtual machines
  • Request VM documentation
Transforming IT HelpDesk Experiences
The IT HelpDesk Assistant is a ready to deploy multi-channel chat interface which combines the power of Conversational AI and UiPath bots to enable employees and IT support teams to perform key tasks, delivering time savings and improving experiences.

The Assistant eliminates the need for multiple emails, calls, logging into systems, and navigating lengthy guides and documentation through delivering information and actionability in one easy-to-use tool.

How it Works
During the course of a natural conversation, the Assistant utilises the latest Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques to understand the true meaning and intent of a user's request. It then guides the user through a series of questions to securely gather the relevant information relating to the request, validates and then delivers this to a UiPath bot via an API for processing, triggering actions and updates within a wide variety of business systems. Delivering outcomes to the user within seconds.

Ready to Deploy IT HelpDesk Assistant, with Humley Recipes
Humley’s Recipes mean that organisations can rapidly deploy solutions, with no coding or technical knowledge required. Delivering ROI, amazing user experiences, and efficiencies to processes within hours not weeks.

All Recipes come with ready to use or customise:
  • Prebuilt question sets, intents and flows
  • Training material and experiences
  • Integrations with UiPath bots
  • Integrations with IT systems via UiPath Bots (ServiceNow, Jira, Azure, Zendesk, and many more)
Data Security
All user information gathered by the Assistant is stored securely and is compliant with GDPR and data protection regulations.



  • Average 30% time saving for IT Teams & improved productivity
  • 80% first-time resolution - improved employee satisfaction and experiences
  • Reduced cost to serve
  • Improved compliance & data security
  • Rapid ROI & efficiencies with Humley Recipies
  • Quickly scale & add experiences when needed
  • 24/7 on-demand support across multiple communication channelsVoice, Mobile (WhatsApp, SMS and bespoke applications) and Messenger (Facebook Workplace, Slack, MS Team, and many more)

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Additional Information



Humley Limited

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Nov 23, 2021

Works with

Studio: 18.4.1 - 22.10


Conversational AI
Service Management
IT Support






Standard Support Service - Humley Hosted; Initial Ticket Response - 30 Minutes; Critical Issues - 8 hour response, 24 hour resolution (where workaround possible); Major Issues - 8 hour response, 24 hour resolution (where workaround possible); Minor Faults - Next working week. *Premium and On-Prem support options are available at request and charged at an additional fee.

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